About Lucibratio

Marijke Bot (1997) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Lucibratio is derived from "lucubratio" meaning work at candlelight or study by night. During her highschool years she started drawing, painting and designing late at night. As a result, she decided to use this alias from her Latin dictionary for all her visual creations.
After finishing her Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam, she finally started studying Fine Art at St. Joost School of Art & Design. Currently working on her artpractice, she is focussing on her fascination for different perceptions of time and the human memory.


  • "Sluis & Sluimer", Kunsthek Oosterpark, Amsterdam, april 2024, solo exhibition
  • "Aan de Muur @ Hall of Fame", Tilburg, january-march 2024, group exhibition
  • "Groot, Groter, Grootst", St Joost, Den Bosch, december 2023, group exhibition
  • "Flying By, Dragging Slowly", Skek, Amsterdam, april-may 2023, solo exhibition